An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.
-George Santayana

Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of year post

Art class this year was a new experiance for me. I am nt a very artisitc perosn so going into this class, i didnt know what to expect. In the first few days, i was intomidated and i was scared. I am not very good at art and i was afraid that my work would not get good grades. As the year went on, i learned different techniques on how to draw and paint in better ways. This year i feel as though i progressed as an artist and i became a more creative person. I am most proud of my ink painting of the telephone booth. I have never painted anything that large or difficult. It was difficult to do all of the shadows but the ink helped the effect. Overall i enjoyed everything i created this year in class. It wa sa learning experiance for me and i will never forget it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Capsule

It all began with a white cardboard box. It contained nothing and had no symbols or writing. Our mission was to create a time capsule. I will be opening my time capsule in 20 years on my 37th birthday. Inside my box is miscalenous things that I think I would want to find in 20 years. First, I wrote a letter to myself. I explained what life is like for me now and what I hope my life is like in the future. I'm not sure how realistic the future part of the letter is but hopefully my life will be like what I hope it is. I also have 30 pictures in my time capsule. They are pictures of my friends, family, and events that are important to me now. Also, my time capsule holds an assortment of coins. I do not know if coins will be used in 2034 but if they aren't, they will be worth something. I put these specific things in my time capsule for a reason. They express what my life is like now. I put in memories from all of the good times that I have had so far. I would want my future self to remember all of the good times I have had. I also put a little bit of money and coins in my box so that if anything changes in 20 years, i have a little bit of history. I also put a lot of picutres in my box so that I have a mental picutre of what my life is like now. Hopefully I will remember he people in the pictures but if not, I will be able to have a mental picutre of what they were like. I just hope my mom will remember to give it to me!