An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.
-George Santayana

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x 3

It was very difficult for me to do the art x 3 project. I am a person who plans very far ahead and I could not do that with this project. The hardest part for me was not knowing what I was going to get. I was anxious to see what the theme of the piece would be and what would be on it. Both of the pieces that I got I enjoyed working on, but I still had a lot of road blocks. It was very hard to plan and think when you don't know what is ahead. I learned that some things can be fun to do on the fly. Even though it was very difficult, I had a lot of fun 

Pop print

There were many steps involved on creating the pop print. First, I chose the item to put on the stamp. I chose the crayon because I thought that I could do many different items and designs with it. After choosing and drawing the item, I had to carve the stamp pad. I found that very difficult because once you carved into it, you could not go back. After I finished carving, it was time to stamp. Stampin was the best part because I could mix paint colors and stamp in all different ways. Printing in mass-production was interesting because I could finish three paintings in one class period. I enjoyed the mass production 

Fortune Cookie

My fortune read: "you are a crispy noodle in the salad bowl of life". This quote inspired me to create a piece of art that showcased someone who was being different. It was very difficult to try to cut out the little men so that they were all the same. Also it was very difficult to make them seem faded and similar at the same time. I made the men look faded by putting tissue paper on them and the things around them. I tried to make the crispy noodle look very different by making him have his hands up and color him in.